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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh How Overdue This Post Is!

Hmm..I feel like I should difinitely have more prepared to discuss than I think I do for this particular post. Oh well..let's see what I got.

This has been my first week of school. I'm taking only two classes (the max they'll let me take at this point). Monday 8-11:50 I have Pharamacology. Tuesday I have Fundamentals of Nursing 8-2:50 and then I have the same class again on Wednesday from 8-1:50. This week has been a little up and down for me. Class has been fine. Its nice to only have the first three days of the week as school days, but I've had plenty else to worry over. I received all of my books...or at least I thought I had. They added a couple more things to my "need to purchase list" I discovered Monday. In addition to the books I'm still lacking scrubs, a lab coat, patch, lab kit, and CPR recertification. I can make do without those until October 1st, when clinicals start. I'm pretty peeved about the CPR situation. I'd confirmed with the DoN at the healthcare company I worked for in Knoxville that I'd be able to take their CPR certification course. For a good month I'd talked to her about taking it and everything was fine. Of course the day before I actually would be taking it she says that they're not going to have it anymore. THIS is why I was aggravated with that company for so long. That type of thing happened much too often.

So that's one anxiety inducer..the other is that I don't have a job in Asheville yet. Yes, I've only been here a week, but with things that need to be paid for looming over my head its definitely giving me a good dose of stress. I've applied for a couple jobs that i thought might work that were more in the healthcare arena, but I may just need to suck it up and get a serving job until I can find something better.

I suppose I should say something about nursing school since that's the entire reason for the move :oP. So far I really like it. We haven't done anything just crazy exciting yet. I know that we'll be working at a nursing home for clinicals starting in October and that after this first semester I'll qualify to be a CNA. Thus far we have only really discussed basic things like how drugs work, nursing history, and physical assessment of patients. We were monitored as we washed our hands to ensure that we had a good technique and then we practiced taking height and weight of each other. Hmm..I have a paper due in October on the various locations of taking temperature and what the best method will be and then me and another guy in the class were paired up to instruct the class on how to use nasal sprays lol. There's definitely a feeling in the class of needing to get to know each other since we'll be pretty much seeing each other weekly for the next couple years. I did talk to a guy that also lives in Asheville and we may end up carpooling M, T, W...which may end up being nice since it will conserve gas money. The class has a pot luck dinner planned for the 20th of September...random day.. Some girls and I are in charge of that.

Oh, lol, on Tuesday we had a lady come in towards the end of class that was going to explain our brain quizzes that we'd taken for orientation. They were designed to determine what learning style best suited each person. I apparently am 50/50 left and right brain which is good..meaning I use both hemispheres about equally. It also told me that I was a 75% visual vs 25% auditory learner..I knew that already. So she came and told us some techniques that might help us study, mostly things we'd heard before, but it was a nice refresher nonetheless. When she first came into class she laid a basket of chips/pretzels/cheese and crackers on the table and had each of us pick out what we felt most reminded us of ourselves. I picked up a bag of I feel that I am much more of a Sun Chip person, but that was not an option so Cheetos was my second closest. She informed me that that meant that i had high morals and strong integrity...I feel that's about right even if i do sound pompous saying so lol.
If you're interested:

Pretzels= like diversity and flirty
Pork Rinds= loyal friend
Potato chip= high acheiver
Tortilla chips=perfectionists

My plans for the moment are to get caught up with reading and what not. I'm really not all that behind I just need to make some flash cards so that I don't get too bogged down with those later. I've felt entirely out of it this week. I'm getting better, but the first couple days (monday and tuesday) I just felt groggy and sick. I think it was just stress from total newness all of the sudden.

Annnywho next week hopefully I will be going over to Knoxville for Boom's Day (one of my favorite things) and Labor Day. Pam and Landon come down each year to go to visit and go to the fireworks show on the river. So far it will be Pam, Landon, Bryce, me, and possibly Lauren, Will, and my old roommate Kani. I like to make it a big deal. Bryce just bought a grill so maybe we can convince him to cookout for us too lol.

Welp, my apologies for the lack of organization in this post I know its riddled w/ run-ons, fragments, and such, but oh well.

Oh! P.S. There have been copperhead sightings at my apt complex! Ahhhh! i don't like snakes at all!!!! I was walking my roommates dog the other night and this guy was fiddling with something on the sidewalk I walked over to see what it was and it was a snake...I think a baby one. I don't know the difference between just really small and a baby. It was maybe 6" in length, but it still coiled up and tried to look mean. I wasn't going to mess with it either way. I personally feel that all snakes should just go die. Unfortunately my camera phone skills are lacking otherwise you'd have a nice visual here. Just imagine a worm with a backbone. :( No good!