My Life As the Favorite

Monday, September 17, 2007

Well here is the much anticipated blog that I told Daddy I'd write. As you all know by now I got a job last Thursday. I now work at Summit View Health Management and I am a "care coordinator." Basically I help determine whether or not patients can be admitted into various nursing and care facilities based upon their insurance and their health requirements. I wanted to wait until I'd had my first day so I'd at least know a little bit more about what I was talking about with regards to the job. I get paid weekly so I'm fairly happy about that. At least it means steadily incoming funds :). As for the moment I'm still working at Applebee's until I can see what kind of budget I really need to set and how this new job's pay will effect it. Unfortunately, however, my store is a training store and therefore managers are often shuffled through the various aspects of their job while of those tasks being scheduling. The new manager managed to schedule me M-F 5-9, meaning I go directly from my new 8-4 job to the 5-9 at Applebee's. UGH! So I'm going to be fairly exhausted by the end of this week.

In other news I did the kaboodle thing that I THOUGHT other sisters of mine were doing, but apparently after a quick "people" search I discovered that I am alone in that venture. Mommy I think I was talking to you about it. Its an online gift registry where you can basically set up a "wish list" by adding items from various websites that you're interested in, um, obtaining. My information if you're curious is searchable under "jgarrity" and the site is So with that out there where are your kaboodles? I think this would make Christmas SOOOO much easier.

Ok well that's all i can think of at the moment. I'm pretty tired after my first 13 hour day. :/