My Life As the Favorite

Friday, August 10, 2007

Well...I did it. I graduated, I think. Today was the last day of classes and since there is no ceremony for summer graduates its been incredibly anticlimactic. It was a little depressing today knowing that I was done with everything, but I had nothing to show for it. No buzzers went off, no parades, nothing....just got in my car and drove home. Blah. They do allow you to walk in the winter if you graduated in the summer. I'm thinking about doing that. As far as the job hunt and I KNOW Mommy is interested in this. I've got my resume on, I have my resume at the career center at UT for critiquing, I've talked to numerous people for advice, and I've been habitually searching the job section of the classifieds. Some good things...some possibilities. We'll just see. I'm hoping to hear back from career services Monday. I want to make sure my resume is looking pretty good first. A friend of mine told me about a Ranstadt-esque company downtown that specializes in finding jobs within the healthcare field so I will most likely hunt them down. I did get one response so far from Monster....something about selling health insurance...I'm not sure about that..

Well on top of the ho hum morning my washing machine decided to begin smoking. Oh lovely. So I've called maintenance and who knows if they'll be able to fix that today or not. I'm kinda thinking if its smoking then its probably beyond a quick fix, but ya never know. I also managed to bust my flipflops at school so badly that I had to go barefoot around campus. Luckily I'm short enough and my jeans are long enough that maybe not too many people noticed.

Andy did try to cheer me up today by buying me a graduation present. We had talked about how much I liked to listen to NPR or just anything talk on the radio alot of times instead of music. I mentioned being interested in trying out some books on tape (cd) so he bought me the new and final Harry Potter on cd.... its 17 cd's long! Maybe by my birthday I'll have finished it. lol

Well I'll type again as soon as something happens!

Monday, August 06, 2007

After man threats I am posting my final entry of "about me" things. I know I know you have all been eagerly awaiting this. Until I can gather an interesting life in order to have something to entertain with I'll leave you with this. I'll try to post again within the week :). Here you go! The end of the series:

75. it has taken me over a month to complete this.
76. I have found that when compare myself to others I am much more family oriented. More so, than I had realized.
77. I think I'm probably one of the most sensible college students I know...believe it or not.
78. I want my future home to decorated much in the way of a Pottery Barn catalog.
79. I think I have big arms.
80. According to Woman's Day I have an ideal proportions chest/waist/butt-wise.
81. college has only fed my tendency to be overanalytical.
82. I'm really glad I was able to spend a lot of my summers with my grandparents.
83. When I think of some of my most relaxed and carefree moments it was with them.
84. Mama's backyard in the spring makes me happy.
85. I've always gotten along with guys better than with girls. I think it is because guys don't hold back as much as girls tend to do. You find out the not so great things about girls later...whereas guys tend to pretty much show their true colors up front.
86. I envy my sisters' ability to grow long fingernails.
87. I discovered this past summer that my skin did indeed have the capacity to tan.
88. I feel guilty when people tip me really well (ex. 15.00 tip on a 12.00 tab).
89. I don't mind walking in the rain.
90. when i was younger Q-tips sent me into coughing fits. Now they don't effect my throat at all. I'm not sure what happened.(yes I use them in my ears only)
91. I can't stand the smell of baby powder scented deodorant.
92. I once made popscicles out of pickle juice. i loved them. Mommy made me throw them away 93. I get sick of explaining my name to people and why I don't go by Jessica.
94. i want to one day have a Japanese Maple in my yard.
95. I love flavored oatmeal. It has gotten me through many a night.
96. I have really crappy handwriting, in my opinion.
97. Green tea is one of my favorite drinks.
98. the french onion soup at Panera is one of my favorite lunches.
99. I am extremely shy (did I say that already)
100. I don't understand people who are nuts about disney characters.