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Thursday, October 19, 2006

So I've slacked a tad on my blogging. I haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth just yet. Let's see if I can catch you up on everything that has and hasn't been happening. I suppose the earliest news was my having my keys/wallet stolen. I keep my keys on a little I.D. wallet so if you lose one you lose both. Well I was working a night shift at work doing to go orders at Applebees, my keys were on "carside" (an area close to a side door for setting up to-go orders). Two of us work that area at a time, one waiting on customers in cars and one of us in the kitchen getting everything together. I was working in the kitchen so was unable to monitor my keys. Well I didn't think to look for them until I needed them at the end of my shift and found that they had gone missing. After asking everyone in the restaurant (employee-wise) if they had seen them I decided to resort to Plan B. Plan B meaning I do what I really didn't want to do and try to call up my apartment emergency guy and have him let me in (its 9 o'clock at night...I know they're there for this, but it just seems rude). So I had to borrow a friends car (I was sans keys remember) meet up with the key guy, grab my spare set and drive back to Applebee's to retrieve my own wheels. i absolutely hate having to ask anyone for help like that (aka borrowing someone's car). I don't carry any cash in this little I.D. wallet, but I do keep my cards in there. Contents of the wallet: license, UT I.D., insurance card, various first aid cards, bank card (w/ I.D. on it, American Express, Kroger card...and i believe that's about it. I cancelled my bank card, but hesitated to cancel my Amex. My thinking was that this most likely was a practical joke, since it has happened before with my phone and various other things of mine at work. Haha... not so much. Sunday night I get a call from Mommy and Daddy thinking I've been abducted. It seems a police officer had called them saying that'd he'd found all of my things thrown out beside a gas station near where I work. Long story a little shorter, he returned those items....minus the keys. I'm still somewhat weirded out about everything, but I have everything I need once again.
Next I guess, would be my birthday. It was somewhat low-key. My friends bought me some cupcakes, a balloon, and a giftcard. Andy and I went out to eat at what ended up being P.F. Chang's (couldn't make up my mind). He actually bought me flowers...its definately been a while since I got those so I was very pleased :oP. Thank you for all of your cards and gifts. I really appreciate them. Gifts are like Godsends when you're as broke as I am haha.
Next week I believe the only interesting event, scheduled at least, is a trip with some friends to a corn maze. They don't really do haunted houses here for some reason...its pretty much just random fields of corn...kinda dumb, but still fun.
Anyhow I think I'll leave this rather long blog with a to-do list for the day.....and its a DOOZY!

  • send transcripts to various schools applied to for nursing
  • go see about ticket

there's something else. I got a ticket from a camera cop I guess for lack of a better term. I was taking a right at a red light which as far as I know is completely allowed, since I've seen many a person do it at the same intersection w/o snapshot. There are no posted signs saying not to either. But apperently when I took the right it looked a little too much like i was going straight so I get a ticket for running a red light. Mind you I'm in the "right turn only" lane. Who knows.. So I have to see about that today.

  • find 5 sources (books only) for a history paper
  • figure out what it is I'll be writing said paper about
  • workout (been slacking hardcore)
  • buy: detergent, milk, juice, healthy stuff
  • go to mall to use my gift cards on some winter clothes
  • target for halloween stuff
  • grab some food at Panera's since I have a free coupon
  • call Zabrina about looking at her house (a possible new residence of mine)
  • finish French homework.

I'm going to sleep well tonight! Have a good day!

One more thing been thinking about ideas for spring break. STA has some really low rates for traveling for students. I've never really taken a spring break trip so I thought maybe I'd try to get one in while I'm still at UT. Thought so far are possibly Europe or the west coast. Input, ideas, positive feedback please :o).


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say New York and I'll go with you. Oh wait, crap, I can't go.

One of my tickets (I've only ever had 2, for the record)was for turning right on red. It seems I didn't come to a complete stop before I turned right. ((rolleyes))I hope you don't have to pay it, although with your schedule, it'd probably be easier than going to traffic school.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger StephM said...

Well it's about time you blogged little missy!! Good to hear you're still on the face of the planet. Sounds like you're keeping busy! I say West Coast and I'LL go with you! I've never been. I need Christmas ideas for you please!

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I did get to talk to you today, it was good to see you blog.....been missing it!


At 6:30 PM, Blogger Steve / Dad said...

I have a's VERY affordable and the accomodations will cost nothing... the meals will cost nothing... and the people who run the place are just CRAZY about you. Hmmm... where could that be...

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

You can come here and babysit and I'll take a vacation! YOUR vacation would include drama lessons with Madeline hourly, possible amputated appendages, and tiptoeing around your own house so as not to disturb anyone while they are working. Enjoy!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Steve / Dad said...

Ohh yes... your birthday present is here... I purchased an additional accessory today... you know this thing is eating us out of house and home! We would have mailed it but rumor is you never go to the mail box. I guess we could send it to Jenifers and you could get it there but if we did that we would lose our barter power to get you to come here.


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