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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Awwww...crap. This is me just realizing that I have yet another class today. I had just gotten home and was happy thinking that I was done for the day, but alas I have a class at 3:40. :o/ Oh well. I don't know if I've let you guys in on this, but I am refusing to buy a parking pass this semester. I know I know its just terrible, but seriously I'm not paying 150 dollars to attempt to find a parking spot half a mile away from my actual destination. I have found that by keeping my old tag in my window, I've managed to avoid any tickets. Fortunately the staff tags are the same color as last year's communter tags (they change color annually). I submitted my graduation application today woooooooooooo! haha I also had an appointment with an advisor just to be sure that everything was in check. So hopefully I'll have a degree by my 50th birthday.

So Tyler Florence sucks. He has collaborated with Applebee's (the enemy in my mind) to create a new menu. Sure the food looks decent, but I really love Food Network and the fact that those two worlds should work together in any manner discourages me greatly. Anyhow if any of you are eating at Applebees in about a month you'll get to see a great big Tyler Florence right on the cover of your menu. I thought he was a little full of himself on Food 911 anyway! hmph!

Speaking of Food Network I'm watching it now as I type this. I've gone beyond being interested in the food they're preparing and have decided that I would like to be a chef on one of these shows if only so that someone would dress me. I have long been aware that I have no real personal style outside of jeans/shorts and various t-shirts. It seems like it would just be the best thing in the world to have someone play dress up with you. You know to implement at least a pseudo-style.

Ok, well I've got to make some coffee because I'm already kinda sleepy and I have another class to attend. Here's what I'll be up to tonight. Can you stand it? It will be wayy to exciting.
To do:

  • Attend 3:40 psychology class
  • pay Cable/Internet bill
  • do a little grocery shopping (I'll let you know about the receipt)
  • Read about a million pages in "Invisible Man" for English
  • cut out/or draw pictures of clothing for French ( a good excuse to buy a gossip mag)
  • complete online French homework
  • finish book homework for French
  • Do at least two loads of laundry (the underwear situation is getting dire)
  • Take out trash
  • Work out if any energy leftover
  • Chat online w/ doofus and friends until get ready to go to sleep


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you submit a graduation application this semester. Would it not make more sense to do it the semester you plan to graduate? Just curious! What's going on with the roommate?


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, that's a ton of homework tonight! Will you really get all that done? I'm assuming you won't be working tonight?

So when are you graduating since you've submitted the papers? Is it still nursing?

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is A LOT of homework! The Invisible Man was not a fascinating book as I remember either. Like the French assignment though. Love that to do list!


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