My Life As the Favorite

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh my goodness look who's posting! Let me see if I can update all of you on everything. I promise little news has really taken place.

School: I'm finishing up my first semester of nursing school and here towards the end it has gotten increasingly stressful. Five of the original 25 students have already dropped and after next Monday a good many others will have dropped either because of grades (we have to have at least a 78) or because they've missed more than three days. Just people dropping alone freaks me out. We have a whole bunch of random tests at the very end too. I just try not to dwell on any of that. For those of you who don't know I did do my first injections around the start of November. That definitely made me a bit nervous. I don't like the idea of piercing someone's flesh with a needle let alone a 25 gauge needle (lower the number bigger the needle size)...smallest are ~27 gauge. It doesn't seem like that big of a difference number-wise...but youcan definitely see it. Here's essentially what it looked like (this is a 25).

So yep...we did that. I gave five flu shots with one of these. I would have done more, but we had to split up the residents among ourselves so that we each had an equal amount of patients.

Tomorrow is my last day of clinical which I'm neither really happy nor sad about. I'll be somewhat sad to see my resident for the last time, but I'm glad that the semester is coming to a close. We're each bringing in breakfast for the staff to say thank you. So I'll be up around 5:30 in the morning baking sausage balls and a cranberry-apple crisp.

In other news still seeing Bryce since I know you guys probably wonder. Things are good there. We typically see eachother a couple weekends a month. He's coming up this coming Tuesday to go to the Biltmore employee Christmas party. We'll get to finally tour the house. I'm excited for him to see it since he's very interested in architecture and building aesthetics and what not. I think he'll like it. I've been through the house before...but its probably been a good seven years...or at least since high school.

I'm currently working at the Stable Cafe at Biltmore which is exactly what it sounds like. They turned the horse stable into a restaurant..sounds nasty, but its pretty neat inside still. Oh and if any of guys are interested in coming up or wanting something to do I'm sure I could get you free tickets to the house. I don't know how much the kids would really be interested in it...but you never know.

This is a picture of the restaurant I'm currently working at (above).

I'll work here until about March if all goes well and then I will move over towards the winery to a restaurant called Arbor Grill. Its about four miles away from the house, but still on the estate. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't really.

Anywho that's all I have for now :)