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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ok I found this on the web and I thought it was pretty amusing. This I pretty self-explanatory, but the people to the top left are the most similar in features.

Haha Anne Frank....that's just funny

Hehe Stephanie (in this pictures at least) looks the most like Sylvia Plath. lol

Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh and before I forget.. Daddy had made a comment about the concert picture I posted on my very fist post. I don't know if anyone else caught it, but that was kind of a joke picture I had photoshopped for Andy and his friends. The crowd in posted picture was one from a Grateful Dead concert some time in the 60's or 70's. The guys actually were only practicing in an empty auditorium on campus. Here are the two pictures real and edited for you to see. lol I'm glad it was so convincing for some of you :o)

Practicing at AMB

Playing for a bunch of hippies

I know, I know. I've slacked quite a bit this last week. Since I last posted I've spent the weekend in Atlanta with Mommy, Daddy, Jennifer, and gang. Its so nice to get out of Knoxville from time to time and it was great seeing everyone. I only wish I hadn't had to work that Sunday. The drive back at 8a.m. wasn't the best, but I made it. I hate that I don't get to see all fo the kids (Laura's too :o) ) very frequently. I feel like they grow up so much in between the holidays. I swear every time I see Brent he's at least two or three inches taller.

So relationship-wise things have been better than before. I have no idea what happened with him, but he's completely changed since last week (for the better). I don't know that I want to be too happy about it. We'll see how things go.

Let's see school has been oh so wonderful this week. Exam after exam after exam. I'm very happy that its finally the weekend.

Ok I need to thicken this post up so I'm going to include the long overdue grocery list I had intended to post some time ago.

  • carton of eggs
  • gallon of milk
  • orange juice (Immunity Defense) there seems to be a 1000 diff. O.J. options nowadays
  • cream of chicken soup
  • microwavable Pillsbury biscuits
  • 3 Gala apples
  • 2 packages of flavored applesauces (strawberry and then cinnamon)
  • apple cinnamon oatmeal
  • granola cereal
  • peanut butter
  • apricot jam (I don't do jelly....I just don't. Its all about the textures w/ me)
  • tortillas
  • cheddar cheese
  • pesto ranch salad dressing
  • mixed greens salad mix
  • mustard
  • lunch meat turkey
  • french bread
  • bagels
  • wholewheat chocolate chip cookies (they're actually really good)
  • bottled water
  • boneless chicken breast
  • fried chicken fingers ( I cut them up for wraps )

Well that's it nothing tooooo exciting I guess. Well I've got to be getting ready for work. I'm coming down with some sort of head cold so I'm pretty much in slow motion at the moment. Sudafed don't fail me now!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sooo....seriously I need no more help in the emotional rollercoaster department, thank you. I'm posting this on Friday, but the post is going to be all about Thursday. Just to let you in on that. So Andy and I were supposed to talk today. He had said that he had some things he "needed to say." It turns out he felt that we should have "talked more" before deciding to break up. Aka he wasn't happy with the decision. This is great news to me because I was perfectly happy in the relationship. It would have been nice if perhaps he'd have given it a little more thought beforehand. So that drama is resolved. I kinda wish I'd waited a couple days before posting that last post. I didn't realize this would turn around so quickly.

Aside from all of that business I went to the Ben Harper concert that was here at World's Fair Park last night. That was pretty fun. I'd gone on an invite. I think I may have heard three or so of his songs prior to the concert, but it turned out to be a pretty fun time. His stuff is really similiar to Jack Johnson's style of music.

I'm looking forward to seeing the O'Connells this weekend. I may actually get to see a little of Madeline's routine..which would be awesome :o). I know Laura and Stephanie envy me for that. Hopefully Dan will be ok with us visiting on Saturday being that UT's biggest game is tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be at least fairly interested in it too.

Ooops I just remembered I needed to get that grocery receipt to you guys. I'll do that as soon as I get home. (I'm at school now)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So I'm miserable as many of you probably think I always am. I talked to Andy last night and is unhappy because he feels like he's left his friends behind since he's been with me. I know that that may be true in some cases. I also know that many people tend to do those things without realizing it. Its really bothering him that this has happened and to add to that he doesn't feel that we're any closer than when we first began dating. Honestly I don't know that I think all of that is really what's happening. I think he's a point in his life where he's gotten a little freaked out that so much around him has changed. It doesn't matter what I think unfortunately. This is going to be an awful blog. I really was extremely happy with him and it kills me that its over. I never had someone that made me not worry or could make me smile so much. I'm just so exhausted by dating. I don't want to start over at all. The thought of finding someone else and even trying to care seems so extreme to me. I hate that I can't be angry at him for anything since that would make it easier to deal with. He's such a great guy and I'm afraid I'll never see him again. I've never really been one to be friends after a breakup. I don't let go very easily of the status we once had. I'm so unhappy right now I can't handle it. I don't like that this is so out of my hands. I can't stand that I'm SO emotional. We weren't together for more than six months, but I'm completely stuck. I've been doing the whole memory flashbacks in my mind and its driving me nuts. I keep feeling like if I just explain to him how much I care about him it would fix things. I'm sorry for bringing down the day. That relationship was just something that I was really excited and happy about. I in no way saw this coming.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Awwww...crap. This is me just realizing that I have yet another class today. I had just gotten home and was happy thinking that I was done for the day, but alas I have a class at 3:40. :o/ Oh well. I don't know if I've let you guys in on this, but I am refusing to buy a parking pass this semester. I know I know its just terrible, but seriously I'm not paying 150 dollars to attempt to find a parking spot half a mile away from my actual destination. I have found that by keeping my old tag in my window, I've managed to avoid any tickets. Fortunately the staff tags are the same color as last year's communter tags (they change color annually). I submitted my graduation application today woooooooooooo! haha I also had an appointment with an advisor just to be sure that everything was in check. So hopefully I'll have a degree by my 50th birthday.

So Tyler Florence sucks. He has collaborated with Applebee's (the enemy in my mind) to create a new menu. Sure the food looks decent, but I really love Food Network and the fact that those two worlds should work together in any manner discourages me greatly. Anyhow if any of you are eating at Applebees in about a month you'll get to see a great big Tyler Florence right on the cover of your menu. I thought he was a little full of himself on Food 911 anyway! hmph!

Speaking of Food Network I'm watching it now as I type this. I've gone beyond being interested in the food they're preparing and have decided that I would like to be a chef on one of these shows if only so that someone would dress me. I have long been aware that I have no real personal style outside of jeans/shorts and various t-shirts. It seems like it would just be the best thing in the world to have someone play dress up with you. You know to implement at least a pseudo-style.

Ok, well I've got to make some coffee because I'm already kinda sleepy and I have another class to attend. Here's what I'll be up to tonight. Can you stand it? It will be wayy to exciting.
To do:

  • Attend 3:40 psychology class
  • pay Cable/Internet bill
  • do a little grocery shopping (I'll let you know about the receipt)
  • Read about a million pages in "Invisible Man" for English
  • cut out/or draw pictures of clothing for French ( a good excuse to buy a gossip mag)
  • complete online French homework
  • finish book homework for French
  • Do at least two loads of laundry (the underwear situation is getting dire)
  • Take out trash
  • Work out if any energy leftover
  • Chat online w/ doofus and friends until get ready to go to sleep

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I suppose this blog is a bit premature. I know its not the norm to post during the weekend, but what the heck. Stephanie nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread its really really good. Here's a pic:

So I've been considering this for a while not, but I'm starting to think I have A. an anxiety issue or B. some sort of depression-eque thing going on. Here are the symptoms that bother me most: I'm extremely shy and when I'm having a good day, stupid little things will really bring me down. For instance, if I'm hanging out with Andy and he leaves to go to work and just says "see ya later" that will really bum me out. I know how dumb that is, but its so hard for me to shake it. The shyness thing just kills me. I tend to feel like I have to have the perfect things to say at all times, but I end up just feeling really really awkward. Ugh! Ok one other issue I'm having. This age thing between me and Andy. He's 20, I'm 23. Why does this bother me so much?! I feel soooo old, but I know I'm not. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that his roommates tease me about. They're not being mean at all, but its something that already bothers me. I know we don't look that much different in age. Good lord I'm having quite the day.

Well unfortunately I think this blog was just a great big whine fest. I have to be getting to work now. I'm bartending, but I really don't think there will be much business considering the UT games is at 7p.m. and we don't do payper view ( that doesn't look right, not sure why). Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends. Maybe I can pull myself out of this rut before too long.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello hello its my second blog! So I finished my poster for my French class. I was a little irked when all she had us do was point at the pictures and say what they were. I don't like putting effort into things that aren't, in my mind, necessary. I have a French test Monday which shouldn't be too bad. Wish me luck! I had my first paper due today for my African American studies class. The literature for that class isn't so bad, but something about constantly discussing racism gets under my skin. I realize that its a definate problem, but I guess I feel that all the white generalizations about how "we" feel about other races kinda gets on my nerves. I figured clumping people into groups was the problem to begin with.

I'm not really sure what to do with this blog. I don't have a husband or a family to talk about and most of my time is taken up with school and work...neither of which are all that fascinating. Therefore if any of you guys have some ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

Its Friday finally!! I guess I shouldn't say finally seeing as how it was an abbreviated week for me w/ Labor Day on Monday. I have the night off from work, so thankfully I'll get to relax for a night..unfortunately that doesn't mean sans homework. I think Andy and I are going to go eat out at Bravo! (the exclamation is in the title...though I am excited lol) Looks like we'll be celebrating Out to Eat Friday too haha. Really I am looking forward to it though. Its soooo good. Its Italian food, which you'd think I'd be sick of, but its not your typical bowties w/ spaghetti sauce that I've had the honor of eating WAY too much of lately. They have things like crab bisque (a huge favorite of mine), sangria, tiramisu, you know the classy stuff :o) . On Friday nights we generally hang out with his friend Will and his girlfriend. I suspect we'll probably end up doing that again. I won't be going to the game tomorrow (shock and awe). I figured I should take the time to make a little cash while I'm a bit behind. Its only Air Force that we're playing anyhow, so I'm not too interested. Next week however will be ridiculous. The tickets that the students get were sold out by 9a.m. this morning. They started giving them out 9a.m. yesterday morning. There were literally lines wrapped around the outside of the UC (university center) building. As many drunk college students as are going to surely be there at that game....I'm not so sorry to not get a ticket. The student section at those games can be either really really fun or really really aggravating. If the game goes well everyone cheers and is happy, no problem. Should the game take a turn for the worse you get an entire section of drunken cussing and solo cups thrown at you from higher up in the stands. Quite the experience. As for Sunday I work that morning and then at night I usually go out with some friends to listen to a guy named Tall Paul play at a local restaurant. He's actually from Nashville and just commutes back and forth playing in different bars and such. It must be a really tough life :oP.

Well I'm going to go check the mailbox for some school book I'd ordered. Please do send ideas for the blog if you have any. I'm worried that its going to be a fairly dull blog. Sorry guys haha. Oh I'll leave you with this: If you have not tried Nutella before do so!! I think Stephanie especially will like it. Its on the peanut butter aisle at the grocery store. Giada talks about it on Everyday Italian alot. I bought some on a whim a few months ago and a wow! lol

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alright guys here goes. Many of you may be disappointed with just how uninteresting my life is, but I'll try to jazz it up if possible. Well I'm busy as conceivably possible. I decided to take a break from homework and entertain you with my newfound blogness. Let's see well hmmm, maybe you'd like to know what's on my to do list study-wise. I know I'm always interested. For tonight I am constructing a poster displaying all of the wonders of Normandie, France. Apparently the leading producers of Camembert cheese (as though I'd ever tried it) and home of Giverny. haha I actually tried to track down Laura's past blogs for pictures. Man, this post is going to be completely unorganized. I have no idea what to type about. Hm, I'm taking a voice class this semester which I am thrilled about! I love singing I don't know if you guys really knew that about me or not considering I'm incredibly shy about it. There are only ten of us in the class which makes it nice to actually get to know classmates for once. I'm used to the 100 or so other peers in most of my lectures. The only thing a little frustrating about the voice class is that she has been really babying us with the music. For instance, we have spent three classes on learning how to sing in a round learning what a quarter note is all about. If this class goes well I may end up taking choir next term since I'll have some space hour-wise. Word on the street is they're going to Carnegie Hall to perform...I could get into that.

Ok I've decided to compensate lack of interesting information w/ pictures from this summer. This one is from my trip to Orlando w/ Andy's Dad and little sister. We're standing in line for some ride at some park...I don't even know. I think its the Aerosmith ride, if you're really concerned. I'm looking a lil sweaty. Love that I got those genes. Mind you, he just shaved his head in this picture...he doesn't always look so bald :oPSo Andy (the guy I'm seeing..come on now) got back from Italy a couple weeks before school started. I think he fell in love with it. Its one of those things that I find myself needing to be patient with though. I'm happy he had a good time, but it can be a little frustrating hearing about it all of the time. I think I'm just jealous. I will say that he came back with a new love adoration for pasta of all types. At first I didn't mind so much, but after the sixth or seventh dinner of penne I began to get a little....oh...over it. As a college student this is a critical blow seeing as how pasta is one of the most affordable things out there. He insists on serving bread and a piece of fruit with each meal too. I suppose its better than microwave pizza. Here's a pic of him and his band that I took and "modified" slightly:

Speaking of Andy, we both have a huge fascination with Jim Gaffigan. If any of you have not heard of him you should really check him out. He's a hilarious stand-up comedian. He's the guy with really blonde hair in the Sierra Mist commercials.

Gosh, how to be entertaining..... Ok I'll ask questions of you guys. Were all of you this dirt poor during college. I'm really getting sick of it. I know, I know..."graduate then"...blah blah blah. I mean I know college life isn't supposed to be the lap of luxory, but I ate a can of corn for lunch... wth? Are we actually going to have this "girl's weekend?" If so I need some notice for work and to build travel money. I really would like to see if there is something similar the dinner program that Jennifer was talking about. I know they have one in Chattanooga because I saw it when I was visiting Andy and his family last time. I would think that Nashville would have something similar.

Here's another from a dance party we had this summer. It was only like seven us, but we're dorks so whatever. I'm making an angry face because I was instructed to do so. as for Andy there in the background...I don't know. By the way this is where I spend much of my spare time..what little that is..just thought you'd be interested. Notice the Beatles on the wall in the background. You know I'm a supporter of that.
Ok well that's it for me today. I need to finish up my poster assignment and read a little for my African Americn Lit. class. I'll try to keep this updated as much as I that I've succumb to the Garrity disease.